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Dog Bite Lawyer Colorado

Everything you need to know about dog bites:

Dogs, overall, are great. They are so full of love and affection that the name man’s best friend couldn’t be more perfect for them. Dogs are inherently good at heart, they almost always reflect their owners. If they are treated with kindness their whole lives they will likely never bite anyone. But, this is not always the case. Some dogs might have wonderful owners yet one day choose to lash out. It is a sad unavoidable truth, that dogs can be dangerous, they can bite. 

Everything you need to know about dog bites:

Dogs bite over 2 million children alone each year. The number of adults is likely far higher as many people mistakenly don’t report it. This short article will cover not only why dog bites and how to avoid it, but what steps you need to take afterward.

Why do dogs bite in Colorado?

Dogs bite primarily for three reasons. They are either scared, injured/sick, or they have been abused. It could be a combination of all three. When dogs are scared their fight or flight response is triggered. This determines whether they are going to run away from a problem or attack it straight on. There is no telling how a scared dog will react, this is why it is best to avoid timid strays. They may seem sweet and need your help, but they could also bite you at any moment.

What to make a dog let go if it bites you?

It can be very hard to make a dog let go of you once he has his jaws locked onto you. This is especially difficult if its a breed such as a Staffordshire bullterrier that were bred as fighting dogs, their jaws aren’t meant to release. The best course of action is to pull very hard on their tail, don’t be afraid to hurt the dog at all. Most dogs instinctively will let go once their tail is pulled, but it really cannot be stressed enough you need to pull it as hard as possible. If there is someone else there, or you are the bystander, have them stand behind the dog and pull the tail as hard as possible. You don’t want the dog switching target. Another option, and one that is slightly riskier, is shoving your hand down the dog’s throat as far as possible. Dogs, like people, don’t like choking to death. They will start to get and release their bite immediately.

How to prevent dog bites in Colorado?

It isn’t always possible to avoid dog bites. Most of the time it is a complete surprise that the dog is going to bite you and isn’t just coming for pats. But, there are some simple rules to follow to avoid putting yourself in situations that will cause a dog to bite.


Don't approach dogs that you don't know personally. Always assume that a dog, especially strays, is potentially dangerous. Never let your children approach strange dogs. Dogs bite over 2 million children a year, the repercussions from a bite on a child can be far more severe than that of an adult.


Learn the warning signs that a dog is feeling scared. Their fur will stand up, they will lower their body to the ground slightly and start to snarl. If a dog starts growling and barking these are obvious signs to stay away. A more subtle sign that a dog is feeling uncomfortable is yawning. Dogs yawn when they are stressed and scared, not when they are feeling sleepy. Dogs yawn to get more oxygen into their blood and lungs in case they need to run or fight.


Always try to stay calm around dogs. They can misinterpret your agitation for aggression and react accordingly. The best way to do this is to almost pretend they aren't there, whilst always keeping one eye on them. If you do start to feel threatened, back away slowly. Don't turn and run. Dogs are predators, they will sense an opportunity and simply give chase. This is when they are likely to start biting.


If you are the dog owner, always keep your dog on a leash. A dog on a leash is far less likely to even think about biting someone, it is also far easier to pull a dog off if they have a leash on.

What to do if a dog has bitten you in Colorado?

Dog bites are very dangerous. They can cause severe, sometimes irreversible, damage to the inflicted area. The first thing you need to do is clean the wound. This should be done with clean water and medical disinfectant. Dog’s mouths are full of bacteria and you don’t want an infection. Even if it doesn’t seem like an immediately bad injury it is a good idea to get it checked out by a doctor. Head over to the hospital’s accident and emergency department and have it looked at. You may need stitches and tetanus/rabies shot.

It is also a good idea to get the contact details of the dog’s owner, if possible. Regardless of how bad the damage is and how expensive the hospital bills are, you should seek the help of a dog bite attorney. They are trained professionals who are there to get you the compensation you not only deserve but need. If you are going to miss a week of work and have thousands to pay in hospital bills the dog’s owner should be held responsible. Luckily, it is often a pretty easy case. The chances of receiving fair compensation are almost guaranteed. You shouldn’t feel guilty about seeking the compensation you deserve, a dog bite lawyer is only going to get you what you are owed.

Do I need to report the dog/owner to a Colorado Lawyer?

Yes, you do. Not only is it an important step in the process of getting your compensation from the owner, but it is also a moral obligation. A dog owner who can’t control their dog and a dog that is prone to attacking people is not a good combination. Whether the owner needs to be fined, have their dog taken away, or in some sad cases put down, steps must be taken before their dog bites anyone else. Luckily, there are dog bite lawyers in Colorado that can handle all of this for you.


Dogs performing law enforcement or military duties cannot be found at fault for biting someone. If you are a criminal and a police dog bites you to stop you running, you aren't going to be able to press charges. Unless the dog bite falls under any of the liability criteria. Then you might have a case.


If a dog bites someone performing an animal service, like a vet or groomer, they are willingly putting themself at risk of being bitten. It comes with the job. However, if the dog bit them and disfigured their arm then the owner would be found at fault. Vets are not signing up to be attacked by poorly trained or abused dogs.


A dog working as a hunting or ranch dog is not at fault for biting someone who crosses their path. Unless of course, their bite does permanent damage. There is no excuse for these dogs to attack that maliciously. Especially if you didn't know you were on someone's ranch/hunting grounds.


If you are on someone else's property and they have clear signs stating that, their dog is not going to be found at fault. However, if the signs are unclear then they might. Furthermore, if you were knowingly on their property and their dog caused permanent damage to you they will likely still be found liable. These cases can be very complicated and you absolutely will need a dog bite lawyer.


If the person who was bitten provoked the dog into biting them, the dog and its owner will not be found liable or negligent. The only time you may be able to make a case here is by arguing that the dog's reaction was out of proportion to the provocation. You will need a lawyer for this case 100% of the time. You will have a very weak argument at best.


Hopefully, this article has not only given you a good idea of how to keep yourself safe but what you should do if the worst does happen. It is so important to get a dog bite attorney to help keep yourself and others safe. You deserve compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and trauma. Give *your law office* a call today to discuss your situation. You don't have to go through this alone.

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If you have been bitten by a dog it is important that it is reported immediately so that all possible action can be taken to ensure it does not happen again.


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“My little girl was bitten very badly by a neighbor’s dog, who we had known for a number of years. Unfortunately my daughter was not the first to be bitten so we saw it as our duty to report the dog and to take all necessary action to ensure it did not happen again.”
Sean Pollock

“I was out walking in the park when I was attacked by a dog that was of its leash. The injury I had was very severe and if not for the help of  the Colorado Dog Bite Attorney I would not have been able to afford the medical bills.”
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