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Annual Events In Colorado

Colorado is known for its vast landscape of forests, tall plains, rivers, and desert lands. It is located on the southern side of the united states and is one of the mountain states. Its capital is Denver, Colorado which is the most populated city in the state. Aside from the rich landscapes, Colorado has some of the best and fun events all year round. Some of the events are rich in history and go back to up to 100 years.

We list them down as follows;

National Western Stock Show

It happens in mid-January and is over one hundred years old. It spreads over two weeks and held in an area of about 100 acres of land. It is also the second-largest rodeo in the United States.

The event is a rodeo extravaganza with bull riders to showcase the rich history of the US.

Winter Carnival

The event has been held for over 90 years and is held at the Steamboat Springs. It has a number of outdoor events in the water such as snowboarding, pancake breakfast, chariot racing among many other events. The climax of the event is the fireworks display and the lighted man which is an effigy which is set alight. The winter carnival is held in early February.

Denver St Patrick’s Day Parade

This is the largest parade held on the Western side of the Mississippi River and it happens in early March each year. It attracts more than 150,000 viewers and 9,000 marchers who are in groups of bands, dancers, horses, and stagecoaches.

Cowboys Roundup Days and 4th of July Celebration

This event happens in early July and it has been held for over 100 years. It features unique events such as cattle drive-through and its climax is the ranch rodeo.

Pikes Peak Marathon

The marathon happens in mid-August and is considered one of the toughest courses in the USA. Some refer to it as the American Challenge due to its strenuous course. It is also the third oldest marathon in the USA. The marathon attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is famed as the first marathon to allow female athletes.

Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

The event happens in early September and it has the biggest and longest-running hot air balloons in the region. It has been in existence for over 35 years. It features more than one hundred hot-air balloons that fill up the skies during the day and illuminating the ground at night making it very beautiful to participate in.